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Syncope, falls for the elderly within the foreign passengers res

Post reporter Yin
yesterday noon 11 pm - 40 points , an over 60 - year - old male passenger in the Metro Line 2 Zhongshan Park Station sudden syncope , fell to the ground , nose blood dc . Fortunately , a first aid knowledge of foreign passengers timely care , the help of the Metro staff , collapsed and the passengers were taken to hospital for treatment ,jordan 5 grapes for sale, does not matter .
Zhongshan Park Station on duty webmaster Miss Dai told the Post reporter ,jordan 17 s, happened at about 11:40 . At that time, more than 60 - year - old male passenger is walking within the transfer channel of the subway Zhongshan Park Station , suddenly without warning fell to bend forward .
next to the passengers tell us , no one met him , he stiffly thrown down . At this point, a foreign passengers was bending down and squatting around him , to appease the injured passengers , do not let him get up ,air jordan 19 se, bend your legs laterally to lie down, to prevent blood choke into the trachea .
Miss Dai introduced , she immediately dialed the 120 emergency phone , and the organization of the staff cleared out a space in the channel , so that the air circulation . 11:52 , an ambulance rushed to the scene , began to feel the passengers on-site first aid . At this point, the foreign passengers do not stay involved in the rescue , but directly left the scene .
Miss Dai said , almost every month will encounter several events from passengers fainted . Surprisingly , syncope , mostly young , low blood sugar has become the most important Syncope .

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Continued has to communicate with others a weak voice, female te

May 17, members of the Group of the Ministry of Health and Zhang Lili exchange. Info Zhang Lili a group photo with the students. The profile photo
May 17, the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, a public interest organization members to Zhang Lili Love. Xinhua News Agency, Xiao Jinbiao photo (FAT)

According to Xinhua Harbin, May 17 (Reporter Wang Kai) May 16, Hao Yan delegation of the Heilongjiang provincial Communist Youth League secretary of the Central Zhang Lili comrades families of condolences to convey member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee Wang Zhaoguo sympathy and respect,jordan retro 7, to convey the CYL Central Committee and the national organizations at various levels of Comrade Zhang Lili Zhang Lili comrades pay tribute to the families of the Zhang Lili comrades transmitted the CYL Central Committee condolence payments of 50,000 yuan.
newspaper Harbin, May 17 (reporter Ding Zhijun,jordan 2012 shoes, Yuan Quan) this afternoon, reporters from Heilongjiang Province, held a press conference that the: Yongjiu female students teachers Zhang Lili 9 days after injury, 8 days after surgery successfully removed the ventilator and began breathing on his own. The medical staff have begun to feed a small amount of water to Zhang Lili, to prepare for the next gastrointestinal nutrition. According to reports, the current Zhang Lili conscious,retro 13 jordans for sale, although the sound is weak, but has been able to communicate with people.
commissioned by the Minister of Health Chen Zhu and party secretary of the Ministry of Health Zhang Mao, the Ministry of Health sent experts arrived in Harbin in early this morning. Panel members from orthopedics, respiratory medicine, critical care medicine, chest surgery, they will again Zhang Lili for joint consultation and guidance to carry out rescue work.
team of experts examined to determine the complications of Zhang Lili's condition from the acute phase of trauma, and poses a serious threat to life issues, such as infection and contusion RCC due to muscle necrosis produce toxins absorbed toxic reactions after the treatment group will be full and active treatment, close observation of changes in condition, do not rule out the possibility of reoperation as well as multiple surgeries, Zhang Lili yet out of danger, and expected a longer course.
Zhang Lili of the elderly in an interview said: Welcome to comment I want to comment
> reports:

Heilongjiang arrange special funding requirements at all costs for treatment Zhang Lili
the most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili toxic reactions are not out of danger
rescue been amputations female teachers were donated 2.26 million (Chart)
female teachers save students were amputation continued: has been sober, but the disease complex
was amputated to save the students of female teachers was the National Labor Medal
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Security team to recite the drowning child to run 10 minutes out

The Ye Xikun with two rescued children again came to the creek side, the water level has dropped more than 1 meter. Reference 07 21, 2004, Road Town, Changping Village, Changping river a boy fell into the water, more than 20 villagers nearby water rescue efforts after more than one hour, the children were rescued, the Southern reporter is also shooting the next local villagers The traditional treatment methods of rescue, but the end result of children falling into the water too long, drowned, the Southern Metropolis Daily (July 22, 2004 had to be reported). heat

Wen fast read

exchanges, you can use the action and love to save the lives of two children, the rebirth of a complete family ... thank you. In the afternoon of May 25, the security team leaves Germany a new,jordan xvii for sale, of Ye Xikun and villagers, Ye Xuhui Pak front of the village creek to rescue two drowning children did not breathe, and unique River tablets, first aid approach, revived a two young children.
two children creek involved
yesterday morning, at 18, Lane No. rental Ah Estate, Road Town, Pak group, drowning children's parents about their frightened look for The child has experienced.
two children just three years old, the boy nickname God Bless the girl nickname Tingting, both parents are from Hunan Province new smile. God Bless grandmother and mother Tingting Zhao Mei two neighbors, two children often play in the rental door. Zhao Mei Jieshao, May 25 2:00 pm, two children play in the doorway a moment after was gone.
God Bless Grandma memories. When two adults shouting the name of the child in a nearby alley to find, Zhao Mei saw more than 50 meters outside of the rental east of the small creek side, many people around the creek, , Tests showed he needed

Chao Mei-than providential grandmother first arrived at the creek side

run for more than 10 minutes after a local villagers are put down Tingting kept shaking, immediately seize the girl's feet again, and recite in the back, running back and forth along the riverbank. The child's lips dark purple, pale, and I am almost scared to death. Ting-Ting's chest.
a few meters away, another drowning children is also being treatment. See a child not breathing, I am impatient and wanted to quickly lifted out the children. A local older villagers was clutching a child feet down, carrying a small God Bless, pulling away from the side running. A few minutes later, the little boy wow to spit out a few saliva,
At this point, the other side of Chao Mei more impatient. Zhao Mei said At this time, to save the daughters of men and only then the child into her arms, Two drowning children were revived a medical examination, were not affected.
■ breathtaking scene

to save people the villagers: what at that time are too busy to think

yesterday morning, Ah in Road Town,nike dunk sale, the village committee, two Yongjiu drowning child leaves Germany new and Ye Xikun south reporter tells them jumped into the creek and rescued the drowning child after.
39-year-old Ye Xikun Lamma village committee of the security defense team, residence before the creek is only 20 meters, the time of the incident was at home drinking tea. Cries heard someone fell into the Ye Xikun hastily ran to the river, have seen 55-year-old villager leaves Dexin has jumped into the creek. Ye Xikun no time to undress, I did not take to buy a new phone to throw in the embankment and jumped into the creek to save people.
a child is still a slight struggle on the surface of the water showed any hair; another child motionless, suspended in the water. When the incident occurred, heard someone yell to find children Pak A group of villagers Ye Xuhui first found the drowning child, When Ye Xuhui shouted people,jordan 6 olympic, but he was still in situ to find their phones, did not move. share: welcome to comment I want to comment the microblogging Recommend | today's hot microblogging (edit: SN009)

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4 robbers 6 year old woman two young rescue chopped Figure

Guo Jian Shan chop wounds to his left arm
Guozheng Wen injured the neck

newspaper reporter stationed in Changzhou Han Zexiang text /

May 10 at 15 am and 4 riding motorcycle robber fleeing Qingxian stream Town pay Kawamura street frenzied beating of a sixty woman and robbed her hand a gold ring. Village youth Guo Shan,air jordan xix for sale, Guo Zhengwen heard cries for help to come forward and fought against. GUO Shan chopped his left arm caused by the tendon rupture, clutching his wounded arm, the good young die in the way is still pursuit of a robber; Guozheng Wen hand-held pole tussle with the getaway of the robbers, gangsters from behind with a brick injured neck department.
At present, two heroic rescue is Qingxian People's Hospital for treatment.
owed: two young people to come forward to the bloody fighting robbers
On the morning of May 14, Qingxian People's Hospital of bone wards, the 27-year-old Guo Jian Shan left arm bandaged infusion was lying in bed. He told reporters about the trouble the scene of the day, May 10 15 am, just to send their children to school came home, he and his wife heard on the street hasty cries for help, his wife went to the streets of the room to see a strange man of more than 20-year-old is the village, a sixty elderly punched and kicked on the ground, breathless wife ran home to tell Guo Shan: ! her nose, mouth all the blood. Guo Jian Shan shout rushed to grabbed the strange man: youth, two of them armed with machetes,retro 13 jordans for sale, suddenly rushing to Guo Mountain, picked up a machete pixiang his head, Guo Shan instinctively raised his left arm, a block, suddenly, the arm was bleeding profusely, red blood soaked his clothes.
bone in another ward, a 32-year-old Guo Zhengwen neck with a cervical collar looked very painful, a weak voice to reporters about what happened. Guozheng Wen said, the yard work, he heard a call for help on unarmed ran away from home, are seeing the two robbers in the yard head with machetes suddenly Kanxiang Guo Mountain. He felt that something was wrong, immediately turned and ran back home and come up with a slender pole, adding to the rescue team. Guozheng Wen rushed to hit the arm of a robber picked up a pole, the two robbers did not dare to go on fighting, and ran to the village of the western end of It is unexpected that sprang from behind Guo Zhengwen the other two robbers, one armed with a brick to hit him in the right neck, Guozheng Wen coma immediately fell to the ground. 4 robbery rode two red motorcycle panic escape.
bitterness: a poor family do not want to hospitalization

May 14, the reporter came to the small cross Kawamura trying to understand the detailed process of the incident to the rescued lady. I heard a reporter to interview the matter and rescued the family of the elderly do not allow local television reporter filming the screen, and asked other media reporters can have a press card. of
save people hero Guo Zhengwen a family brother Kwak told reporters that the old woman rescued after their families totter her home, kindly villagers warned that: seriously injured, lying on the ground, and quickly drove to the hospital. Since then, passing the Kwak see immediately drove Guozheng Wen sent Qingxian People's Hospital. Diagnosed by the hospital, Guo chop wounds to his left arm caused by a tendon rupture, Guo Zhengwen criminals injured neck.
small cross Kawamura, director of the women Zhao nine Guozheng Wen's family was poor, and an over 90-year-old grandmother needs maintenance, the infirm, the medical expenses of more than 70-year-old mother are relatives patchwork. Conditions of the the GUO mountain family is not very good, the reporter saw his wife worn a big hole in the pants, hands pulling a barefoot child in her arms a sick child. Guo mountain cut, clutching his wound ran to the village health doctors on the point of hemostatic doctor told him, you have to rush to the hospital, he said, do not go, he knew the family was poor and did not want to borrow money in order to see the doctor again
rescued lady family practice attracted accusations of the villagers, Zhao nine will say: go to Samaritan? After two hours of the incident, a woman in the neighboring village, Langfang City, County Zhang cross Kawamura, four motorcycle-riding robbers snatched a gold necklace, a pair of gold earrings.
small cross Kawamura, a victims named Li villagers told reporters that the robbery of gold earrings incident soon, May 12, his home was the patronage of the thieves, on the home to 3.7 million in cash stolen ; named Li villagers, May 9, his family also suffered a burglary, 5.7 million in cash were missing. A villager
said, because the small cross-Village is located in Tianjin Jinghai, Langfang Dacheng Changzhou Qingxian the junction of the social order is very bad the past month, repeatedly occurred in the number of villagers also had household appliances, motorcycles and other thefts,jordan retro 17, and hope the police early detection, knock down this criminal gang.
Qingxian stream Town the person in charge said that the town government learned that two of the heroic deeds of youth, a positive report to the relevant departments, to fight from the economic rescue effort to save people hero. The same time, they will urge the police early detection, to bring criminals to justice. share: welcome to comment I want to microblogging recommended | today's micro-Bo hot

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